Dense Deployment in Powder

Powder is working on a dense deployment: an area within our main deployment that has outdoor radios that are closer together than our rooftop radios. This will allow for experiments with stronger signals and higher frequencies. This area is visited by our mobile endpoints on campus shuttles, and entirely encompasses the shortest shuttle route on our campus.

Deployment Schedule

  • Construction of poles and cabinets, and running of power and fiber to all poles: Complete, Winter 2022
  • Deployment of initial compute and SDR nodes, enabling experimentation w/o amplification: Estimated: late spring 2022
  • Deployment of amplified frontends for the CBRS band, providing high power for experiments: Estimated: early Winter 2022

Dense Deployment Map

The planned equipment for each dense deployment site is:
  • VVSSP-360S-F antenna
    • Including coax runs
    • Status: Already in place at all sites
  • N310 radio ruggedized by Pixus
    • Initially with no high power RF frontend
    • Single TX/RX port connection to CBRS antenna port on VVSSP
    • Will pair up with "near edge compute" like rooftop radios do via fiber
    • Status: awaiting ruggedization
  • B210 radio ruggedized by Pixus
    • For monitoring the N310 radio transmissions
    • Will be used initially, however, for some experimentation until the N310 units are available
    • Status: Currently undergoing ruggedization
  • Ruggedized small form factor PC for local command and control
    • Similar role as the "control NUC" devices in our fixed/mobile endpoints
    • Status: Ordered, awaiting shipment
  • CWDM mux
    • Used for fiber runs to datacenters
    • Status: On hand, ready for deployment
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