Acceptable Use Policy

Powder Acceptable Use Policy, Version 1

Powder is a testbed designed to allow researchers and industry partners to experiment with wireless and mobile networks, and the new applications that they enable. All uses of Powder should be consistent with this high-level goal. Powder may not be used to provide communications services to end-users, nor may it be used for any illegal activities or those that violate FCC regulations. Powder may not be used to eavesdrop on other people's private data or activities.

User agreement

In order to use Powder, users must agree to the following statement:

I understand that parts of the Powder Facility are capable of sending and receiving radio-frequency communications over the air, in a public environment not controlled by the Facility. I understand that use of these frequencies is regulated by the US Federal Communications Commission, and that it is my responsibility to know these regulations and to abide by them in my use of the Facility.


Powder protects the identities of users and the confidentiality of their data using standard security best practices, and provides the ability to reserve isolated compute and storage resources for a limited amount of time. RF communications over the air, cannot, by their nature, be protected from interception by third parities; users must take appropriate precautions with any sensitive data that they transmit. Powder is not certified to handle data that is protected by privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

Data Storage

Powder does not provide guarantees with respect to the reliability of the storage it provides; it is users' responsibility to makes copies of data that is important to them.


While the Powder NOC is usually the first point-of-contact for complaints about misbehaving experiments, it is our policy in some cases to put the complainant in direct contact with the user that is responsible for the experiment.

Other Circumstances

The Powder staff reserves the right to exercise judgment with respect to the use of Powder and its resources and to restrict or terminate access as they see fit.


Violation of this AUP may result in any of the following:

  • shutting down radio access for the experiment;
  • termination of the experiment, including data associated with it;
  • disabling of accounts for users or organizations (projects);
  • informing the organization's administration.

To report a suspected violation of this policy, contact the Powder NOC (

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